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I first encountered Paul’s work ethic with his commitment to the TLMI Technical Committee and saw how he brought forth design needs of the industry into award winning products. Paul has brought consulting and mentoring to the Yerecic organization that has amplified our strengths and tied together our processes in a way that promoted sales involvement through the print floor processes. He provided insight to visual management and helped our leaders engage participation from every area of the company. His strength in Lean is balanced with sales and marketing to highlight customer focused solutions. I would recommend Paul’s help to any organization that is looking to bring forth competitive advantages.

Art Yerecic
President Yerecic Label


Paul is passionate about Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing Implementation. On all accounts, Paul is the Change Agent driving improvements across entire organizations by participating in GEMBA walks, Kaizen Events and Value Stream Mapping sessions. He is routinely on the production floor actively leading the operations team by challenging them with root cause analysis strategies and ensuring established procedures are in conformance. Paul is one of the best hands-on, results driven, senior managers that I have been associated with throughout my 27 year career.

James Friedl
Managing Director & Senior Partner, SolutionTech

Solution Tech

“Paul is a very results driven manager, is very good at building and bringing a team together. He is a strategic thinker and is very good at execution. I worked with him for 5 years at Mark Andy. He's one of the best operating managers I know.”March 26, 2012

John Eulich
CEO, Aspeq Holdings

Aspeq Holdings

“I was a client of Paul's company, but had the privalege to work with Paul on a TLMI committee involving Advanced Lean. I was impressed with Paul's knowledge of the industry and Lean Mfg Practices as well as his ability to communicate at all levels. I have enjoyed being able to watch Paul work and have learned valuable lessons from a top executive.”March 11, 2012

Gary W Cooper
President, Inovar Packaging Group

“During my time as CEO of York Label two internal technical teams reached consensus that Mark Andy printing equipment delivered important technical advantages vs existing supplier platforms which ultimately led to important strategic directional changes.

Part of my due diligence was to visit Mark Andy and to establish a meaningful relationship with Paul and his team. Paul was clearly providing the vision, strategy, process and drive to re-invent Mark Andy. He surrounded himself with exceptional talent and it was clearly evident that this team was pulling in one direction.

It was clear to me that Paul and his team were fully engaged and committed to their customers and to the success at Mark Andy.”March 10, 2012

John McKernan
CEO, York Label

“Paul Brauss has consistently impressed me as the most insightful visionary leader in his organization since Mark Andrews Jr. His dedication to a not only an industry but a purpose for acheviing high ground excellence in his people and their equipment exceeds my expectations. I believe the industry has benefited considerably from his participation on all fronts. The Mark Andy Corporation has provided our company with the highest quality printing presses for over 30 years.”June 16, 2011

Top qualities:Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Bruce Riddell

“I have worked with Paul for over 3 years, and he has been a tremendous value for our company, and to me personally. Paul was a great mentor for me when I entered into the printing industry, and has always had a great ability to help our company make the right decisions. Paul is a person of integrity, and has been a pillar in our industry, leading various industry initiatives in innovation, learning, and development.”March 8, 2012

Alex Elezaj
“I have had the privilege to work with Paul at Mark Andy for the past twelve years and recommend him unhesitatingly. I believe Paul’s success is strongly attributable to his emotional intelligence (EI), and his positive influence on team leadership and workplace performance. Paul believes people are the most important resource of a business and has an excellent eye for talent. He promotes excellence without compromises and encourages creativity and innovation within the workplace. Paul has a global mindset always looking for unexpected trends and opportunities to achieve the organizational objectives.”

Kathy Woodburn; PHR
Director, Human Resources,
Mark Andy Inc.


Brauss Consulting is a "next-logical-step" for Paul Brauss, ME and is aimed at providing strategic direction and effective leadership for business executives, business owners and senior leadership teams interested in furthering/imporving their manufacturing practices.  Mr Brauss mentors with CEO’s and becomes the onsite catalyst to focus on reduced cycle times, improved quality and increased productivity.

Through counsel Brauss Consulting, manufacturers are capable of achieving up to a 45% reduction in time to market, an increase of productivity of 35% and a potential earnings growth of 100%. All by using proven techniques mastered in real lifemanufacturing environments in both national and global markets

Brauss Consulting Specialies in building business processes for manufacturing systems that included product development through VOC (Voice of the Customer), enhanced sales productivity and methods to increase margin. All of which has lead to satisfied customers.   Our Ideal position is to work with small to medium size companies to help position them for growth, improved results and/or develop a succession plan for potential future sale of the business.

Paul Brauss:

  • Mr. Brauss has had a vested interest in manufacturing his entire career. He’s worked as an Industrial Engineer, Supervisor, Superintendant, Plant Manager, VP and CEO. The key is the ability to walk the walk and he’s done it in small shops and large. He has stayed current with improvement techniques implementing 5S, Kanban, Kaizen, Focused Factory Value Streams and then through a technique brings an entire company culture together with TCT (Total Cycle Time). As a result of focused metrics on key process drivers, he has helped organizations develop and implement Manufacturing Production Systems with great success. He’s published articles on the process as well as his work with ‘Product Development” in concert with manufacturability.

  • Mr Brauss has been recognized for his work Co-Chairing the Technical Committee of TLMI (Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute) and his presentations at the technical meetings for TLMI and FTA (Flexible Technology Association). He’s a former BOD Chairman for AAIM Management Systems as well as the Former CEO of Mark Andy, Inc.

  • Mr Brauss has developed cohesive strategies, highlighted business action plans and then engaged in the completion of strategic initiatives leading to significant market share gains.

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