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Getting Started

Let's begin with a real discussion…

implementing sustained improvement requires a commitment to a proven process with the correct driving metrics.

If you can see the issues, you can develop action plans around them. It sounds so simple but commitment is tough when all around you there are problems.

We can help you design an action plan that makes sense, provides priority, addresses cost concerns but brings you visible improvement. You have to provide a commitment to change and a leadership team that will engage in the process.

Together we will discuss the process, establish procedure and build a culture that is not only accountable, but enthusiastic as well.


Brauss consulting processes have been developed over 30 years and have been implemented worldwide in many different operational environments.

We tailor our assignments to your particular need and focus. If you’d like help developing better metrics, methods for accountability as well as a methodology to make your senior team more productive, we can help.

We understand that as a leader, you need mentors that can stand with you as you improve your company and that’s where we want to be – side by side so that when we are complete, it’s your process and not something someone else has done. This takes commitment and it takes a partner that understands what it takes to improve continuously.

The toughest part of changing course is getting started - The process starts with planning and the identification of tactical actions to support the plan.  Brauss Consulting will help with the planning, provide strategic direction and effective leadership for business executives, business owners and senior leadership teams.   More than that - being on site provides real time mentoring with the CEO and his leadership team plus act as the onsite catalyst to focus on reduced cycle times, improved quality and increased productivity leading to improved profit. Our resultants work with small to medium size companies to help position them for growth, improved results and development of succession plans with the involvement of people.  It's important that people internalize the change process and our process builds on their participation and clearly identifies accountability bringing a more meaningful work experience.   

Identify and communicate Strategic Direction
Help understand what the customers - value
Formation of leadership into process responsible teams
Process Barrier Identification (Assessments)
Identification of tactical improvement initiatives
Building focused meaningful metrics
On site facilitation and hands on work including the training required to make it your process
Provide systems for accountability

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